Boomer – Studio Stretch Shreveport

Boomer is a bundle of energy and joy, as his parents, Brittany and Jay Mitchell, can attest. His dog brother Bosco, who is thirteen years his senior, is on the receiving end of most of that energy, particularly a game they call “Bitey Face,” but Boomer’s energy and enthusiasm have kept Bosco younger than his years. The rest of the family doesn’t get off scot-free, however: Boomer loves nothing more than to take his family’s shoes right through his dog door and hide them outside, making a fun game for everyone! His (human) sister’s stuffed animals are also a regular target of his energy, but in a house full of toys, how is a dog to say no? Despite his hi-jinks, Boomer is a dedicated and loyal companion to his family, and is a best friend to all.

Studio Stretch Shreveport is a local business devoted to the well-being of their clients, but they don’t stop with their human yogis. Hosting a special Kitten Yoga session, form which a portion of the proceeds were donated to a local cat rescue, they have shown a dedication to improving the lives of our local animals as well. Robinson’s Rescue is proud to have Boomer walking in Best in Sheaux this year, representing another organization that cares about animals as much as we do.