Duke – Joel Hall RE/MAX Real Estate Services

Duke is a good old boy. He can sleep anywhere, he will eat anything, and he really just seems to enjoy existing. A lot of dogs have a lot of energy, but Duke is not one of those dogs. His favorite spot in the house is either his bed or the rug in front of the fireplace, which is also his bed. Duke’s steadfastness was how his dad Joel knew he was the one, when he was leaving the adoption center, and all of the other bloodhounds were baying their heads off trying to be noticed, but Duke was just sitting there, looking up at Joel, and that energy has defined him ever since. He is the single most laid-back dog in the show, and his family wouldn’t have him any other way.

Joel Hall has been a licensed RE/MAX real estate agent for over 8 years, and since 2014 has been ranked one of the top 25 RE/MAX agents in all of Louisiana. He joined our Young Professionals Board this summer, and has been an incredible asset to the growing Robinson’s Rescue family.