Elvis – Allison and Ross Barrett

Elvis is from a big family. In addition to his mom and dad, Allison and Ross Barrett, he also has four human siblings AND a dog sibling, Eleanor. Interestingly, Eleanor is his actual sister, and is the reason that Elvis came to belong to the Barrett family. His parents got Eleanor first, then when Elvis’s previous home couldn’t take care of him anymore, they stepped in and adopted him as well. Like his famous namesake, Elvis is a true lover, and his favorite trick is giving big golden retriever hugs. His favorite toy is his squeaky fox, but his parents will tell you that his real favorite plaything is their pillows! (He may have eaten more than a few of them). When he’s not chewing on his favorite snack, turkey jerky, he’s usually chewing on something, but with a face like that, Elvis can get away with anything.