Hondo – Mary Lois and Douglas White

Hondo’s mom and dad, Mary Lois and Douglas White, first met Hondo when they went to Basset Rescue Across Texas to pick up his sister Belle. He fell asleep in his mom’s arms while they were visiting, and it was love from that moment on. Now Hondo and his sister live a lush life with their parents, but Hondo still needs to learn the value of things. His favorite game is unrolling an entire roll of toilet paper around the living room, and that is just wasteful! Thankfully, Belle is there to keep him distracted with wrestling, so he isn’t always going after the household paper goods. The one downside to his sleeping on his parents’ king size mattress is that when he wakes up in the morning, all of his their laundry is right there for the taking, so you really can’t blame him for chewing, can you?