Jack – Kelly and Josh Clayton

Jack is a consummate gentleman, as is made clear by his permanent tuxedo. As Jack sees it, his tuxedo isn’t an outfit…it’s a lifestyle. He’s a serious guy, and wants his humans to know they’re safe, so sometimes it’s hard to watch suspenseful movies and TV, because he knows something sinister is going on and wants to help. His humans, Josh and Kelly, don’t seem to take life as seriously, and when they play the “I’m gonna get you” game, he does not enjoy being “got” and held like a baby. How demeaning! His housemate Sadie is a senior lab who acts as his mentor and companion, and of course a source of toys, since Jack is usually after whatever it is that Sadie is playing with. He may be neurotic, and a bit high-strung, but Jack is a wonderful companion, and is excited to do his humans proud on the Best in Sheaux runway.