Levon – Great Raft Brewing

Levon is a sweet and sassy little gentleman who is making his mom and dad proud in this year’s Best in Sheaux, representing their other baby: Great Raft Brewing. Adopted in 2008, Levon is the beloved canine companion of Lindsay and Andrew Nations, with whom he shares a home, and more specifically, a bed. It’s really his bed, let’s be honest. An avid BarkBox aficionado, Levon always looks forward to his monthly toy delivery, but his favorite thing to do is go on long walks to Rhino Coffee. When he isn’t playing with his cousins Fritz and Maddie, or terrorizing his stuffed squirrel, he is helping his mom and dad at Great Raft.

Opened in 2013, Great Raft Brewing is the first brewery to open in Shreveport since Prohibition, and has quickly made its mark on the landscape of our fair city. Besides providing an incredible variety of beers of which every Shreveporter can be proud, Great Raft also plays a huge role in our community, providing a space for events, performances, and fundraisers. If an event is happening in Shreveport, you can be sure Great Raft is involved, and their continued support and sponsorship of Robinson’s Rescue is deeply appreciated by all of us. (They are also providing the beer for Best in Sheaux, so everyone who attends will also deeply appreciate their contribution.)