Luna – Mudd & Holland Consulting Foresters

Luna is…a free spirit. One of the first things she did after Kris and Jason Holland adopted her in 2017 was escape from the kennel they left her in while they ran to grab dinner, and that has set the course for their relationship ever since. She’s a loving, warm, and companionable dog, but she’s got a devilish streak that can’t be tamed. This may be why between her animal siblings, she is best friends with her sister Arwen the Cat, rather than her canine brothers. If she isn’t scrounging for organic, free range pecans in the back yard, or wheedling baby carrots out of her humans, Luna can be found sitting on the couch and barking at innocent passers by. That is, at least, when she isn’t eating part of the couch (an incident her humans will never forget). She may have a perfectly innocent smile, but don’t let that fool you: Luna’s greatest trick was convincing the world what a “good girl” she is.

Mudd & Holland Consulting Foresters is one of the oldest operating forestry firms in the ArkLaTex, managing timber for landowners in over 28 counties and parishes across the region. Founded in 1959, Mudd & Holland is now in its third generation of family run, high-quality timber management, and Robinson’s Rescue is proud to have them as sponsors of Best in Sheaux 2020.