Maddie – Line Avenue Compounding Pharmacy

Maddie came into Randy and Susan Caudle’s lives unexpectedly. She had a loving home, but the woman who took care of her couldn’t continue to do so, and Maddie had come down with heartworms. Susan and Randy stepped in and took over Maddie’s care, and she became part of a new family. Since joining the Caudle household, Maddie has come into her own, particularly discovering that her long shepherd snout is the perfect tool for annoying the daylights of her other canine companions. Her favorite toy is her duck, in large part because it is the only one she can’t seem to utterly destroy. Despite her bravery in joining a new family, Maddie remains afraid of the wooden floor in the Caudles’ hallway, even after years of exposure to it. German Shepherds have a well deserved reputation as brave dogs, but every once in a while, one is allowed to be a bit of a scaredy-cat.