Miss Bow- Specialists Hospital Shreveport

Miss Bow, escorted by Peyton Rucker, is representing Specialist Hospital Shreveport. Three years ago, Peyton was in a horrible accident. His injuries required some of the most challenging surgeries in Orthopedics. Dr. Marshall Haynie and Dr. David Googe rose to the challenges others had declined. Specialist Hospital is truly a unique and remarkable place. Peyton and his family will always be grateful for the kindness and superb care provided by the staff. Through the months of recovery required by seven surgeries, Bow remained at Peyton’s side, providing constant companionship.

Though an excellent companion, Bow has been known to get into a bit of mischief. She is able to open the kitchen pantry and to operate the foot peddle on the kitchen trash can. It is clear she knows she is doing wrong. Bow waits to swipe bread, cookies, buns, etc. until she is sure her humans are upstairs. The ill-gotten gain is then quickly moved to her hide-out in the back yard. She is so skilled that her humans had to hide a camera to figure out how the Oreos were disappearing. On a positive note, she willingly shares with her housemate Breeze.