Pennon – RCM Realty


Pennon is a hardworking pup. Most days, he accompanies his mom and dad, Liz and Nick McElhatten to their shared office, where he tries to be as helpful as he can on long work days. He is truly his mother’s shadow, so she gets most of his helpful input, but this year in Best in Sheaux he is representing his dad’s business, RCM Realty. When he isn’t hard at work with mom and dad, Pennon is happiest lounging around outside, particularly if there is a pool involved: he goes from workaholic to water baby in the blink of an eye! Pennon shares his family and his home with his human siblings Katherine and William, whom he loves dearly, and the fact that they are a source of stuffed animals for him to steal certainly doesn’t hurt.

RCM is a locally owned Boutique real estate agency that takes pride in small business customer service and a love for the community in which they live.