Sebastien – Amanda and Justin Dewett

Some of you may remember Sebastien from last year, when he graced the stage as part of the shelter showcase at 2019’s Best in Sheaux: Art of the Dog. Since then, he has snuggled firmly into life on top with Amanda and Justin Dewett. He joined a family that already had three dogs, and was soon joined by a new human sister! Hovawarts are a working breed, so Sebastien has a lot of energy, which can go into high-gear when he gets anxious, but that happens to everybody. He channels some of that energy into a fascination with socks, which he will hoard in his bed until someone decides enough is enough, or runs out of clean socks! He is a perfect companion to his mom and dad, and enjoys joining them for evening cocktails on the porch; his mother Amanda even refers to him as “her shadow” because he is always nearby. His habit of locking them out of their bedroom is indicative of his very high intelligence, but mom and dad wish that he would maybe use it for something else.