Tipper – Lagniappe Lettering

Tipper and her mother Sara are inseparable; so much so that Tipper has developed a habit of pawing Sara’s phone right out of her hand when she needs attention. She knows that she’s the boss, and she knows how to get what she wants. From long walks at the Norton, to her weekly special of scrambled eggs on Saturday, Tipper is accustomed to the finer things in life, and she plans on keeping it that way. She loves her brother, Pudgy, and takes an occasional dip with him in their grandparents’ pool, but her mom is her real best friend, and she is at home waiting every day when Sara gets home.

Sarah is the owner of Lagniappe Lettering, and Tipper and Pudgy keep her company on long nights working on design projects. Whether it’s complex hand lettering for wedding invitations, or a big digital piece for a corporate logo, Lagniappe Lettering is there for all of your textual and graphic design needs.