Ziggy Old-as-Dust – Anna Gleason

Ziggy is a distinguished older gentleman, but don’t let his age fool you: he’s living his Golden years with the energy of a much younger Starman. At 16, Ziggy lost his human, and Anna Gleason stepped in to adopt him from Ninna’s Road to Rescue and give him the best twilight years any little pup could want. His hearing isn’t what it used to be, so he likes to keep his new mama in sight at all times, and snuggling is the most effective way to do that. He likes to get his long Doxie snoot under anything he can, be it a pillow, an arm, or a whole human body. Once he’s situated, however, this little rebel rebel can fall asleep literally anywhere, which is an enviable skill at any age. Another side effect of  advanced age is Ziggy’s lack of teeth, so unlike some of our contestants, chewing is not much of a problem in his household. Ziggy is his mom’s hero, and she says he rescued her as much as she rescued him.