About Robinson’s Rescue

In 2005, a group of concerned citizens of Shreveport began meeting regularly to learn about the best practices in other communities that successfully lowered pet overpopulation and, in turn, the euthanasia of healthy, adoptable pets. After conducting extensive research, the group learned that spay/neuter initiatives have proven to be the most effective, humane means to decrease pet overpopulation and determined that a low-cost, high-quality, high-volume spay/neuter clinic was the answer. Thus, on September 15, 2008, Robinson’s Rescue was founded as the first clinic of its kind in the state of Louisiana and one of only 159 ASPCA Spay/Neuter Alliance clinics in all of the United States.


Our mission is to prevent pet overpopulation through high-quality, affordable spay and neuter surgeries while educating the community about responsible pet ownership.


Northwest Louisiana will be a leader in animal welfare and the ideal pet-friendly community. Euthanasia will not be necessary because there is a loving and responsible home for every pet.


Since 2008, Robinson’s Rescue has helped thousands of animals each year receive affordable spay and neuter surgeries, reducing the number of puppies and kittens born in Northwest Louisiana by millions.  By removing the financial obstacle through affordable pricing and securing individual donor and grant funding, all pet owners can afford spay and neuter services.

We operate 3 separate programs to realize our mission:

The first program we operate is our low-cost spay/neuter program, which is available to any pet-owner regardless of income. Secondly, we operate a free spay/neuter program called the Subsidized Spay/Neuter Incentive Program, which provides pets owned by local, low-income residents with free spay/neuter and rabies vaccinations. Finally, we operate a Community Outreach Program in which we participate in local animal wellness and animal-related information fairs in order to educate local residents about spay/neuter and provide them with applications for free spay/neuter through SSNIP.

Robinson’s Rescue is not a full-service veterinary clinic or an animal shelter. We only provide spay/neuter services and rabies vaccinations at the time of surgery.