What are your hours of operation?  Our office is open Monday – Thursday 9:00am-3:00pm except for major holidays. We perform surgery Monday-Thursday by appointment only.

Why can I never get anyone on the phone? We are Non-Profit organization that operates with limited staff and volunteers. We average over 100 phone calls per day. Please leave a message and someone will return your call, or you may reach out to us through email or social media.

Do I need an appointment? How does this work? Yes, you need an appointment.  Feral cats in a humane trap do not need an appointment and can be dropped off Tues-Thurs from 8-8:30am.

I can’t be there at 7:30am to pick up my animal. Can I come later? Animals need to be picked up by 8am to accommodate intake for the next day, after 8am we charge a late fee of $5/every 15 minutes.

Will you call me to let me know how my pet is doing after surgery? We typically do not call after surgery, however you may call to check on your pet at 318-221-0017 ext. 7 or text us at 318-562-1979 before 2:30 pm.

Can I bring in my dog/cat to have their vaccines updated? No, we only offer rabies vaccine at the time of surgery.

Why is your surgery cost so much less? My vet wanted [$ amount]. We are a Nonprofit Organization that specializes in HQHVSN.  We are funded by grants and private donations to be able to offer the public a low cost service.

Can my pet have food & water the night before surgery? We ask that all animals have all food and water taken away after 10pm the night before surgery. Why? We do this to ensure your pet does not have complications associated with aspiration during and after surgery.

How long does the surgery take? Every surgery is different and a different time length.

Is it safe? There is always a risk with anesthesia but we take every precaution to ensure the safety of your pet.

Do you send them home with pain medication? All animals receive a pain medication injection that lasts 2-3 days so you do not have to remember to give your pet anything at home.

What vaccines do you provide, and which do you recommend? We only provide a rabies vaccine if your pet is not current.  Please contact a regular DVM about other vaccines your pet may need.

Can I bring in my rabies tag as proof of current rabies vaccination? No, we need a current rabies certificate with the date and veterinarians name. Please email your certificate to us by noon the day prior to your appointment, or the Thursday before if your appointment is on a Monday. RR2210017@gmail.com

Do you microchip? Yes, we offer Found Animals microchips at the time of surgery.  The fee is $10 and has no yearly registration fee.

How old do animals have to be to be fixed? We start at 12 weeks of age and 2 pounds.

At what patient age does your clinic request pre-op blood work (and what type)? How old is too old for surgery?  Any animal over the age of 7 needs a preanesthetic panel done at a regular veterinarian within 14 days of surgery.  We do not do surgery on animals over the age of 10.

When do they start coming in-heat? Dogs can come into heat for the first time around 6 months of age, cats can come into heat as early as 4 months old.

For how long are they in-heat? Dogs are in heat for 2-4 weeks however they only usually bleed for 6-10 days. Dogs typically go into heat twice a year.  Cats heat cycles are hormone driven and can be indefinite, or only end with spaying or pregnancy.  

For how long are they pregnant? Both dog and cat pregnancies last between 60-65 days.

Can you fix them while they’re pregnant? Yes, we will spay a pregnant animal early in the pregnancy.  This does have an added surgical risk and an additional fee. We do not do surgery on late term pregnant animals.

Is it dangerous if they’re in-heat/pregnant? Due to added blood flow to the reproductive area it is a higher risk surgery, however we perform these surgeries daily.

How soon after they have a litter can they be fixed? We can perform surgery at 8-10 weeks postpartum if there is no mammary development or milk present.

What is the recovery period like? We ask that your pet be kept clean, dry, and leash walked for 14 days post surgery. Please try to limit activity during this time.

What is that extra green incision? This is not an incision, it is a tattoo we place on all animals we spay and neuter to show they have been altered.

Does my pet have to receive the green tattoo? Yes, it is mandatory.

Should I be worried that my dog/cat is licking his/her incision, and what should I do to keep them from doing this? Yes, please make your pet wear an e-collar to prevent them from licking until properly healed. We sell E-Collars for $6 at the time of surgery.

My dog/cat had surgery last week, and now their incision is open. What should I do? Please call the clinic to set up a recheck appointment or you may go to a regular veterinarian to be checked. Please make sure your pet is following all post operative instructions.

Will spay/neuter help to prevent certain cancers? Yes, any reproductive or hormone driven cancers.

Will spaying/neutering my pet change their personality or behavior? No, only hormone driven behavior.

Do you use real veterinarians? Yes, we use licensed veterinarians who have been specially trained in spay and neuter efficiency.

Do you perform tubal ligations or vasectomies? No, we only perform ovariohysterectomies and castrations which include removing all reproductive organs.

Do you offer spay/neuter services for species other than dogs and cats (rabbits, rats, etc.)? No

My animal is sick/got hit by a car/can’t walk/got poisoned! I have no money and my regular vet told me to call you. Can you help me? We are sorry they gave you this misinformation.  We only perform spay/neuter surgery and do not offer any other services.

Do you offer discounts for senior citizens? We do not, however we have a SNIP program for low income you may be eligible for.

What are your prices? Female Dog $68, Male Dog $58, Female Cat $48, Male Cat $38, dogs over 60#-additional $30, dogs over 100#-additional $40, Rabies $10, Microchip $10 E-Collars $6, Oral Antibiotics $15