Bill Robinson Memorial Fund

Our hearts are mourning the loss of William Armstead (Bill) Robinson, a man who had great concern for the unwanted pet population in Shreveport. It is because of Bill’s generous heart that Robinson’s Rescue was founded. Bill called on friend Candy Peavy expressing his concern for the animal overpopulation in Shreveport and asked for her help to find a solution.

In 2005, a group of concerned citizens of Shreveport began meeting regularly to learn about the best practices in other communities that successfully lowered pet overpopulation and, in turn, the euthanasia of healthy, adoptable pets. After conducting extensive research, the group learned that spay/neuter initiatives have proven to be the most effective, humane means to decrease pet overpopulation. They determined that a low-cost, high-quality, high-volume spay/neuter clinic was the answer.

Thus, on September 15, 2008, Robinson’s Rescue was founded as the first clinic of its kind in the state of Louisiana, and one of only 159 ASPCA Spay/Neuter Alliance clinics in all of the United States. Not only did Bill’s concern spur the beginning of Robinson’s Rescue, but the support of his generous gifts made the dream a reality.

We will always strive to uphold Bill’s legacy and continue to carry out our mission to end animal over population and unnecessary euthanasia of otherwise healthy and adoptable pets through preventative spay/neuter surgery. It is our hope that Bill’s generous heart and kind spirit will live on within the Robinson’s Rescue family.

Please help us remember his legacy and love for all animals by supporting the Bill Robinson Memorial Fund.