Feral Cats

A feral cat is a cat who has either never had any contact with humans or whose contact with humans has diminished over time. Feral cats are fearful of people and survive on their own outdoors.clip_image001

Robinson’s Rescue can spay/neuter a feral cat who has been brought to our clinic in a humane trap (see left photo). All feral cats must be in a humane trap to be accepted for surgery. If you do not own a humane trap, you can rent one from Robinson’s Rescue for a $60 refundable deposit.

No appointment is necessary to spay/neuter a feral cat; however, the cat MUST be brought to our clinic Monday through Thursday between 7:30am and 8:30am. Pick up for Monday through Thursday procedures is at 7:30am the following morning. We do not take feral cats on Friday. We require one feral cat per trap and only two feral cats per owner per day.  Due to volume of surgery patients, more than two feral cats per day needs to be scheduled as an appointment.  Please call the clinic to schedule an appointment at 318-221-0017 ext 7.

Robinson’s Rescue charges $33 to neuter a feral male cat and administer a rabies vaccination and charges $43 to spay a feral female cat and administer a rabies vaccination. Payment for services is due at pick-up and we accept cash, check, or credit card (with a $3.00 credit processing fee).

All feral cats that are spayed/neutered by Robinson’s Rescue will be given an ear-tip, approved by the American Veterinary Medical Association as the universal sign a cat has been spayed or neutered.

All feral cats spayed/neuter by Robinson’s Rescue will also receive dissolvable sutures, which eliminate the need for a follow-up visit to remove stitches.

Want to know more about trapping and care of feral cat colonies? Visit alleycat.org or neighborhoodcats.org for videos and tips on trapping and caring for feral cats.